Symposium for people of Saugeen Shores

The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) Southport is hosting a symposium for people of Saugeen Shores and area who are interested in environmental protection and mitigating climate change. Invitees include: representatives of all service clubs, organizations and churches; Saugeen First Nations; Town of Saugeen Shores; Bruce County; NII, OPG, Bruce Power, and Lake Huron Coastal Centre.

The symposium will be an open forum to promote sharing of information about current initiatives and future plans to address environmental concerns and mitigate/adapt to climate change.


Our natural environment is the greatest asset of Saugeen Shores; our environment requires intentional protection for future sustainability; climate change is real and, if not addressed, will negatively impact health, agriculture, tourism, economic sustainability and daily life; everyone can adopt practices that make a difference; and collectively, we can change our world.

Details are available in the link below.

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