Hosting What to Do Wheel events

Hosting What to Do Wheel events

Ever wondered what you could be doing about climate change? How the groups you are part of can join in the action?

It’s as easy as spinning a wheel

  • Invite us to co-design an online workshop on how your group can engage with the climate crisis. We will bring the wheel and the facilitators, work out a process that suits your group, and you bring your members. Over the last two years our Climate Engagement Group has worked with groups ranging from environmental groups to women’s groups to school groups using the Wheel to invite participation.  We do this because we believe that everyone has a role to play.
  • Host the Spin the What to Do Wheel game at your in-person event. We have had a lot of fun with this one! Participants are invited to spin a hand-painted wooden version of the wheel, and then pick your own personal action card from the segment the arrow lands on. Let the fates decide what you should be doing next about climate change.  Great fun with school-aged children and adults alike, and a simple but meaningful way to engage.
  • Invite us to your classroom. Our most recent venture is to respond to invitations from teachers to add to school-time learning.

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